We're thrilled to offer this unique and thoughtfully-designed tasting journal to spirits and cocktail fans everywhere because we think it stands head-and-shoulders above other tasting journals on the market...but you don't have to take our word for it.

See what enthusiasts, distillers, and spirits experts everywhere are saying!

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Braeden Bumpers

Owner/Distiller, McClintock Distilling

The Essential Tasting Journal is a must-have tool for any spirits enthusiast as well as the veteran home bartender. Kozlik makes it simple to understand the complexities of judging, understanding and evaluating the essence of a spirit and provides you all the knowledge and skills to easily work them into your own hand-crafted cocktails. I cannot recommend this journal enough to anyone interested in spirits, cocktails or the essence of flavor and taste.

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Jeffrey Barry


The E.T.J. bridges the gap between the bartender and the imbiber. When I make drinks, I think about visual expectations, texture, balance, and temperature constantly. This journal exposes my world in a light, exciting read with scrutiny and science. I would recommend this journal to anyone who enjoys cocktails and wants to understand why they enjoy them so much. 


Josh Wulf

Founder, Wulf Cocktail Den

For anyone who appreciates spirits and cocktails,the Essential Tasting Journal lives up to its name. Eric Kozlik provides a lot of useful information in a succinct manner. The journal is a truly essential tool for making your drinking experiences more enjoyable.

Lisa Sherwin Wulf

Chief of Marketing and Operations, Wulf Cocktail Den

The Essential Tasting Journal combines a well-written, insight filled guide with tasting notes pages that can be used by both cocktail enthusiasts and industry professionals. As Eric Kozlik discusses, there are a myriad of factors that can impact cocktail and spirits tasting - the spirit itself, glassware, ice, smell, visuals, location, and more. The easy to use tasting notes structure will make the cocktail creation, improvement, and recreation process easier. In addition to my love of cocktails, I have a passion for whiskey and the spirits pages make it easy to capture details when tasting.