We take the guesswork out of tasting notes by providing you with structured data fields and a log-style look and feel.



Structured Note-Taking

Record many critical flavor attributes and label details with just a few pen strokes using our structured approach to secondary flavor characteristics and overall cocktail/spirit evaluation.

The Essential Flavor Wheel for Spirits and Cocktails.jpg

Flavor Wheel

Use our custom flavor wheel as you learn to take general notes like "sweet" or "fruity" and turn them into hyper-accurate tasting notes that will wow your friends and family next time you're tasting a new spirit together.

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Over 30 Pages of Instruction

We don't throw you into the deep end of the flavor pool and wish you luck. With over 30 pages of instructional front matter, this tasting journal is truly an indispensable companion as you learn and grow as a taster.

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There, you’ll hear creator Eric Kozlik talk about how you can use this tool to really hone your tasting skills and learn to write vibrant tasting notes that honor your favorite spirits & cocktails.